Heel Strike – all you need to know

There is a lot of discussion in the media and running circles about running technique, and specifically heel strike vs forefoot and the pros and cons of each. Unfortunately almost all the discussions have over simplified the topic and miss a few key points. Before I go into more explanation let me summarise by saying: […]

Hoka One One – marketing hype or running shoe revolution?

Ever since Hoka One One was launched a few years ago it has divided runners opinions – depending on who you speak to its either a revolutionary shoe or a fad that will disappear with time. Since they were launched right at the height of the minimalist shoe trend they stood out amongst the zero […]

Walking in Ultras: How to train to walk faster.

Walking is typically seen as the soft option in running races, however in an ultra its often the smart option. In a hilly race even the elites walk, the difference between them and the back of the pack runners is the amount of walking and the speed at which they walk. When training for my […]

Mental Strength – Have you got it?

Mental strength is a term bandied about by many runners. It is essential part of performing to the best of your ability but what is it and how can you improve it? Whilst it is hard to define and many people will have a differing ideas, my definition is that mental strength is the ability […]

Speed Training for Ultrarunners – Essential Or A Waste Of Time?

If you are training for a 100k or 100 mile race is there any point including speed sessions in your training? When the winning time in most of these races is slower than 5 minutes per kilometer you may think not. If the fastest runners are running that slow then surely speed is the least […]

Hardmoors 2010 lives up to its name

Saturday approx 3am Guisborough Woods, 49 miles covered, race time approx 10 hours The darkness envelopes me as I run silently through the forest, only the beam from my headtorch illuminating the trail. It is cold but not uncomfortably so, five layers of clothing, two beanies and a pair of gloves are doing their job […]

World Trail Championships 2009 Serre Chevalier

On returning from a two week holiday in Morocco I received an email confirming I had been selected for the Australian team for the World Trail Challenge. To be accurate I was the only member of the team and the only person who put in a nomination for the event, but I was told that […]