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Jan 302014

Ryan Sandes TNF

Many ultrarunners I know like to keep it simple; put shoes on, head out the door and run. There is nothing wrong with that approach but if you want to improve then the body has to have the right stimulus to force it to adapt and become stronger.

Elite athletes aim to leave no stone unturned in training. They do all they can to provide the body with the right stimulus and recovery to maximise their training. Whilst many of us don’t have the time to focus on training that some of the elites do most of us could improve in a number of ways with very little if any extra time involved.

I’ve listed below 27 ways you can improve your running that don’t need much if any extra time. See how many of these you can implement in your training program.
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Aug 072012

Like most of us I have ignored my body many times and paid the price. Early in my triathlon days I ignored shin pain until it got so bad that I could barely walk the day after a run. I stopped ignoring it when someone told me I was limping whilst running. I should have learned my lesson then. But once I recovered from shin splints, a different pain developed in my shin. I ignored it for months until eventually it became a stress fracture and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I wasn’t a quick learner obviously!

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Apr 122012

Studies have shown that less flexible runners have greater running economy. With so much focus on the importance of stretching you may be wondering how this makes sense. Why stretch if it decreases running economy and why is running economy improved if you are less flexible? Is stretching making us slower runners?

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Mar 272012

Running injuries are so common , more than 50% of runners suffer one every year. Why?

Is it because they

    a) Increased their distance too quickly
    b) Increased their intensity too quickly
    c) Didn’t stretch before running
    d) Didn’t stretch after running
    e) Were wearing cushioned supportive running shoes
    f) Weren’t wearing supportive running shoes
    g) None of the above


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Feb 292012

Following on from an earlier post on Dynamic Stretching this weeks video blog explains how to stretch your calves in a dynamic manner specifically for running or walking.

For a personalised dynamic stretching routine click here