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Nov 222012

The plank is seen as a fundamental core exercise that every runner should include in their training routine. But could it be making your core less suited to the demands of running?

If you have read any of my other blogs on the topic you’ll know that there is no research that shows that traditional core training has any positive affect on running performance or in preventing injuries. Continue reading »

May 142012

In the last blog I discussed the top 6 core training mistakes in developing a stronger core for running. This week I’d like to show you three far more effective exercises.

The main difference between these exercises and traditional core exercises are they are three dimensional, are performed in a vertical position rather than lying down or horizontal and they are dynamic. The rational for these exercises is explained here

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May 012012

There is a lot of focus on core training at the moment with athletes from all kinds of sports proclaiming its benefits. The Internet is full of videos and articles from various “experts” showing you a number of different exercises to strengthen your core.

Unfortunately not everything you read is correct. In fact there are numerous studies that show core training for runners has NO effect on running performance or injury prevention.

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