In this week's podcast Mile 27 Coaches Andy, Ben and Simon go deep on dealing with setbacks and failure. Reliving their own experiences, how they dealt with it and how with the right mindset setbacks can lead to greater growth as an athlete and as a person.
The Mile 27 Coaches discuss how to plan your race season. What are A , B and C races? How many races are too many, how much recovery do you need and lots more.
Today the Mile 27 Coaches delve deep into the long run, from how long and  how fast  to how much vert , how often and just about everything else there is to know on the long run.  Plus Ben talks about his win at the 6 foot track Marathon , Simon his epic non stop 251km journey around the Mt Warning Caldera and how is Andy building back into training. Three very different approaches to the long run discussed
Ben and Andy go deep into strength training for ultra and trail runners. The different types, the pros and cons of each and their recommendations on what strength training is most effective.  Its not what you might think! They also discuss their experience with COVID and returning to fitness post COVID


The Mile 27 Coaches talk about fatigue resistance , what is it , why is it important and most importantly what type of training sessions improve it. If you have ever wondered how athletes can run the closing stages of an ultra looking strong , passing people like they are standing still then this is the podcast for you.
The Mile 27 Coaches talk about training the mind, how to stay motivated, finding flow state , how to develop mental strength to push hard in both training and racing and a whole lot more. If you ever wondered about how you can develop a mental state that can maximise both enjoyment and performance in both training and racing then don’t miss this one.