Online Coaching

The Mile 27 Online Coaching Experience

Mile 27 provides one of the most comprehensive online coaching services on the market today. Using the latest technology ( including power meters and advanced training software , Training Peaks and WKO4 and video analysis ), a wealth of experience, combined with your feedback we develop weekly training programs specific to you, your race and your training environment. All designed have you in peak condition for your next race.

The Mile 27 Coaching Experience is based on the following elements:

1. Questionnaire
The process starts with an in-depth questionnaire that allows us to get an understanding of your goals, training history, past and current injuries, race and training nutrition, training environment and training time.

2. Research and Analysis
From there we analyse your previous training, research the races you are training for and then develop your training plan. The Run with Power and Strength Training package also includes video analysis of your running form.

3. Training Plan
Plans are delivered via Training Peaks software on a weekly basis. Plans are custom designed to fit around your lifestyle, time demands, race goals and current level of fitness.

4. Review
Each week we review all your sessions to see what you did well and where improvements can be made.

5. Communication
There is no limit to communication with your coach , we will adjust your program at any stage throughout the week if anything comes up. Through regular communication between coach and athlete a deeper understanding of the athletes motivations, strengths and weaknesses which allows more fine tuning of the training plan.

6. Race Planning
We also look at the bigger picture, working through your race schedule for the year to make sure you have the right balance of training and racing that works best for you and minimises risk of injuries and burnout.

7. Mental Training
Through getting to know you as a person as well as an athlete we can get an understanding of the motivations of you as a runner and help you develop mental skills to increase both enjoyment of your training and race performance.

8. Nutrition
Getting nutrition right is essential if for a good race so we help you with training and race nutrition strategies and if you need more expert advice can refer to expert nutritionists.

9. Race Planning
Before each race we go through race goals, strategies, gear, nutrition etc to ensure you have the best race possible.

10 Race Review
Post race we go through with you how the race went, what you did well, what you can improve on next time.

Run with Power
Power data from a footpod gives us a far more precise means of prescribing intensity during training and racing and and a better way of measuring training loads than traditional heart rate or perceived effort based methods. More precision means more effective training and better results. For more information on how power can help our training see

For those with a power foot pod we use power as the basis for prescribing training sessions and monitoring training load.

Strength and Conditioning
We use a video assessment to assess the biomechanics of each runner. This makes it possible to create a personalised dynamic strength and conditioning, core and flexibility program specifically for running.

The exercises are 3-dimensional, dynamic run specific exercises that involve minimal equipment. No heavy weights or gym membership required. The program is progressed weekly from more activation co-ordination type exercises to more advanced plyometric type exercises, making sure it fits in with your running program.

What we offer

Fully customised weekly training programs
Unlimited Contact with Coach via email, text and Skype when scheduled
Biomechanical Running Assessment
Full Biomechanical Assessment
Training Peaks Premium Subscription
Race Day planning for all races
Nutritional Strategies for training and racing
Mental Strategies for training and racing
Weekly GPS and Power analysis of all sessions
24 hour reply to messages
Unlimited Training plan adjustments
Injury prevention strategies


Set up fee$250$350
Monthly Fee$190-$220$280-$320