How to minimise the time you spend at aid stations in an ultra

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Time spent in aid stations during an ultra can range from minutes to hours and can be the difference between making the race cut-offs and DNF’ing. It can make the difference from a top 10 performance or top 50, a silver buckle vs a bronze buckle.

In this video Ben Duffus; who surely has the record for least amount of time spent at aid stations in a 100km race, 54 seconds at the UTA100 in 2015, and yes that’s all recorded aid stations, not just one, takes you through how to get in and out as quickly as possible.

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  • Paulo de Souza

    Great video. Full of tips. Thanks for putting this together!

  • Ian Benton

    Thanks Ben and the Mile 27 Team for putting this video together.

  • Andrew Kwintowski

    That was a good video! Now to apply to the GH100km this weekend. Cheers!

  • bob fossil

    couldn’t have gone through a gear check then, at that speed, no puns intended.

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