How to Dynamically Stretch your Glutes

 In Running training, Stretching & Flexibility

Following on from an earlier post on Dynamic Stretching this weeks video blog explains how to stretch your glutes in a dynamic manner specifically for running .

I have detailed a few ways to increase the stretch in the forwards sideways and rotational directions. Whichever option feels the tightest is the one you should do more of.

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  • michael

    great stuff, i am a runner / personal trainer and always find good information to get you thinking on your blog.great.

  • Spud

    Andy, I love these blog updates, very useful and relevant information. i have been a static stretcher since i began running but am now leaning more towards dynamic everything, stretching and core strengthening. Keep it up mate, great stuff. Cheers Spud

    • admin

      Glad you are finding them useful Spud.

  • Andrew

    Great info as always. Love the no nonsense delivery! 🙂

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