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May 142012

In the last blog I discussed the top 6 core training mistakes in developing a stronger core for running. This week I’d like to show you three far more effective exercises.

The main difference between these exercises and traditional core exercises are they are three dimensional, are performed in a vertical position rather than lying down or horizontal and they are dynamic. The rational for these exercises is explained here

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  10 Responses to “3D Dynamic Vertical Core Training for Runners”

  1. Amazing post Andy, very simple but highly effective…..loving your work!!

  2. great stuff Andy,i will incorprate these exercises for myself and the runners i coach.

  3. Thanks Andy, keen on anything that will improve my running

  4. Great advice! Thanks Andy. Out of interest what is your view on doing yoga given many of the positions encourage straight hips?

    • Hi Jasper

      Yoga is a completely different exercise done for completely different reasons. Will it help your core for running? Maybe – maybe not – that will depend on your body. Will it increase dynamic range of movement when you run – also maybe , maybe not, depending on the type of yoga and the individual. I am a fan of yoga for various reasons but if you are looking to strengthen your core for running or improve your dynamic range of movement then there are better ways than yoga

  5. Thanks Andy

  6. Really find these exercises work as never really worked on my core before. My physio says that strengthening my glutes will benefit me more. What are your thoughts on core strength v glute strength?

    • Great question Louise, I believe that the core is no more important than the glutes or vice versa. One reason these core exercises work well is they integrate the core with the glutes and teach them to work together. It’s impossible to do these without working the glutes. You can tweak the exercises to be more core focussed or more glute focussed but it is impossible to separate the two.

      The problem with glute exercises is the same as with core exercises – ie the exercises usually prescribed arent particularly effective for runners. Hence I am not a fan of clams, side lying leg raises etc.

  7. Hi – great video 🙂
    Should I alternate which leg is back and which is forward between sets??

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