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May 012015
Some of the terrain on the Big Red Run (photo courtesy Greg Donovan)

Tackling the dunes (photo courtesy Greg Donovan)

The Big Red Run is the next race on my race calendar so I thought I would share how I plan to go about training for this multi stage desert race. It is a similar format to most of the multi stage desert races around the world, with 4 shorter days of 30-42km, and then a long day of 84km.

Whenever I look at designing a training plan for a race, I analyse what factors are most important for that race, and each individual and plan accordingly.

For a multi day race there are a few key factors training should be focussed around:
1. Improving running economy
2. Decreasing risk of injury
3. Ability to run long several days in a row
4. Increasing endurance
5. Race specific training
6. Improving fat burning ability
7. Time on your feet

Let’s look at each of these in detail and see what they means in terms of training. Continue reading »

Jul 252010

For a change I thought I’d take my educational hat off and just tell you a bit about my training. I am often asked as to what kind of training I do, how many miles, intensity etc so I thought I’d share a fairly typical week with you. This is week 3 of a 4 week cycle. I base it on a 3 week increasing in mileage program with week 4 an easy recovery week. So for example I may do 50-60 miles (80-96km) in week 1, 70-80 miles(112-128km) miles in week 2, 80-100 ( 128-160km) in week 3 and then drop it down to 30-40 miles ( 48-64km) in week 4. Continue reading »