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Sep 012014

There is a lot of discussion in the media and running circles about running technique, and specifically heel strike vs forefoot and the pros and cons of each. Unfortunately almost all the discussions have over simplified the topic and miss a few key points.

Before I go into more explanation let me summarise by saying:
1. There is nothing wrong with heel striking depending on where the rest of your body is when your heel strikes the ground.
2. Changing to a fore/mid foot strike doesn’t necessarily improve your running or decrease your risk of injuries and may even increase the risk of injury.
3. Forefoot strike is not necessarily a more effective, more economical way of running. Read on to find out why. Continue reading »

Jun 152012

So you’ve read Born to Run , devoured every magazine article on barefoot running you can find, trawled the Internet for advice on running barefoot and decided you want to give it a go. Before you throw away your shoes you might want to read this . I’m not against running barefoot and believe it can make a big difference for some people but the issue is a little more complicated than many would have you believe.
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