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Apr 212012

A while ago I posted a blog on the the relative ineffectiveness of typical glute strengthening exercises such as the clam and side lying leg raises and recommended some more effective exercises. I have had a few requests for a video of these to show more clearly how to perform them so here you go.

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  1. Hi Andy,
    I had a go at some of these exercises in the gym today, mistakenly thinking I was doing the exercises to strengthen my glutes not the dynamic stretches (!)

    However, last night and this morning my glutes are really very achy – so would these exercises be ok to use as part of my routine for the purpose of strengthening too?

    really enjoying discovering your site by the way – lots of great tips 🙂

  2. Sorry – just to clarify – the ones I was doing were the ones you show in the video clip for dynamic stretching NOT the strengthening ones.

    • Hi Paula – you’ve discovered the secret that many trainers dont understand – to stretch you need to strengthen – cant get one without the other if you want to use the increased range of movement – so yes they are both a stretching and strengthening exercise

  3. Hi Andy, just done the tight hips exercise and we could be onto something.i have been plagued with the runners pain in the butt complaint for years. My last physio visits introduced glute strengthening, bent leg bridge on the edge of a box so angle 90 degrees shin to thigh pushing up using 70% glute 30% hamstring so I have been able to manage the deep pain around my left glute. Further visits have been releasing tightness in hip, some dry needling and regular bent leg across thigh glute stretch. Last few visits have been instruction to massage with a special massage tool around lower back. The phsios philosophy must be big picture rather than specifically focussing on the point of pain. I have in conjunction done a few months of Pilates and the clam is an exercise when I can really feel an almost neural pain in my medius glute. I have massaged with a spikey ball and have a little relief, too much and it can become inflamed. My warm ups are dynamic, swinging leg, that sort of thing. Some days are better than others when running but I really thought a complete recovery may be possible. I’m going to add your exercise and try some acupuncture to perhaps release some trigger points because I can’t get deep enough with a spikey ball and I feel if I do massage too hard will become inflamed and painful. If you have had experience with this type of injury and prepared to advise me I would like to take advantage of your online service for recovery, strength and conditioning. Rgds Mark

  4. Hello,
    I read the blog and now the visuals- my questions relates to tendinopathy issues I have with both gluteus medius and minimus tears also greater trochanteric bursitis
    Would this exercise be useful or cause further damage?

    • HI Helen – you are correct – with a bursitis problem you want to avoid compression of the bursa and this exercise will increase compression – however you can reduce range of movement so avoid compression – i.e. start with a wide stance so as you push sideways you don’t go into compression – if you aren’t 100% sure what that means avoid the exercise – you may find a more static exercise like a standing wall push is easier to perform – I’d always recommend doing a less effective exercise safely than a more effective exercise poorly ( whether its less or more effective is another matter altogether ! )

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