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Mile 27 offers the most comprehensive online coaching for runners on the market today, combining a weekly running program with a complete dynamic conditioning program to maximise your potential as a runner and minimise your risk of injuries.

If you need help improving your running biomechanics, increasing your strength and flexiblity or you are a trail, marathon or ultra runner then online coaching with Mile 27 is designed for you. Available wherever you are in the world.

Mile 27 offers three types of packages which can be combined or taken individually.

1. Personalised Strength and Conditioning Program
Your exercises are based on the results of a number of movement tests that will be sent to you. You video yourself performing the tests, send them back and then your exercises are created from the results. A video of your unique exercises will be sent to you. Every four weeks the exercises will be reviewed and progressed as necessary.

2. Running Program
After filling out an extensive questionnaire a one week program will be sent to you. Each week a new program will be designed based on how you coped with the previous weeks training. Although each program is only one week, each program builds on the previous week to ensure you are at peak condition for your race.

3. Running and Personalised Strength & Conditioning
A combination of both the running and strength and conditioning. The perfect program to get the most out of your training and reach your potential in races

Minimum program length is three months.

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For more information or to sign up contact Andy.


Mile 27 is the only online running coach to use video assessment to assess the biomechanics of each runner. This makes it possible to create a personalised dynamic strength and conditioning, core and flexibility program specifically for running.

Unlike many other strengthening programs available the programs designed by Mile 27 are the most running specific strengthening routines on the market today. If your exercises aren’t performed standing up and in a dynamic manner then they aren’t specific to running.

Almost all of the exercises you will find on the internet (such as the plank, side plank, sit ups etc) AREN’T EFFECTIVE FOR RUNNERS. Study after study shows that typical core training exercises don’t improve performance and don’t reduce risk of injury. Mile 27 uses vertical three dimensional dynamic core training exercises to target the runners core specifically for running. For more information on core training for runners read the articles here.

Mile 27 doesn’t believe in mapping out long term running programs since it is impossible to predict how you will feel next week let alone in 10 weeks time. Your program is mapped out one week in advance based on the feedback you give from the previous week. This means the program can be adjusted every week to ensure you maximise the training effect and minimise the injury risk.

The demands in trail, marathon and ultra running are completely different to that of shorter road races. Specific training for the course, nutritional strategies, equipment choices and mental strategies are all an essential part of training. Only someone who has experience in completing these types of races can effectively coach someone to do the same. Andy from Mile 27 is an elite ultra runner and has represented Australia in the World Trail Challenge and won a number of 100 mile races so fully understands what it takes to compete successfully. For more information about Andy see here.

There are no limits on how often you can call, email or Skype to seek advice. Mile 27 is committed to helping you achieve the results you are after and doesn’t place limits on the contact time with your coach.