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Our philosophy


Mile 27 was founded by Andy DuBois to provide the most complete service for runners and particularly ultrarunners on the market today. Whilst there are many coaches that will give written running programs, to finish an ultra requires more than just running a set amount of kilometres at a set pace or heart rate.

Andy has analysed the sport of ultra running and broken it down into its component parts including running mileage, downhill running, speed training, tempo runs, long runs, race nutrition, training the mind, strength and conditioning, improving core strength, dynamic flexibility, running biomechanics and more. He has then put together a service that addresses all of these which results in clients able to  run faster for longer and with less risk of injury.

The strength, conditioning and core training for runners programs are the most running specific training available today and are unlike anything else on the market. Instead of selecting exercises that work the same muscles as running does, Andy designs exercises specifically for runners based on the demands on the body during running and on the individual’s biomechanics. No other service so uniquely tailors the exercises to the individual. Andy has had articles on core training for runners published in magazines in Australia the UK and the US.

In short if you are looking for a one stop shop to improve your ability to run long distances then Mile 27 is it.