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Jul 092013

Blister heelsBlisters are a common problem for many marathon and ultramarathon runners. There are many ideas for how to prevent them, some of them old wives tales and some of them have a bit more credibility. But despite the use of every remedy known to mankind some of us still suffer blisters. Maybe our understanding of what causes them is incorrect and we need to try something different. Continue reading »

Apr 212012

A while ago I posted a blog on the the relative ineffectiveness of typical glute strengthening exercises such as the clam and side lying leg raises and recommended some more effective exercises. I have had a few requests for a video of these to show more clearly how to perform them so here you go.

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Mar 272012

Running injuries are so common , more than 50% of runners suffer one every year. Why?

Is it because they

    a) Increased their distance too quickly
    b) Increased their intensity too quickly
    c) Didn’t stretch before running
    d) Didn’t stretch after running
    e) Were wearing cushioned supportive running shoes
    f) Weren’t wearing supportive running shoes
    g) None of the above


If you answered g) none of the above you are correct. Continue reading »

Aug 252009

Bit of a long post today but hopefully a very informative one.

Injuries have plagued me for many years and I have suffered almost every running injury there is. I also develop rehabilitation programs for many of my clients suffering injuries, so I’ve got a keen interest into why the body becomes injured and what the best approach is to recover from the injury. Over the last year or so I have turned my attention to how to prevent them in the first place.

We tend not to think about injuries until we sustain one and then we restart the stretching routine we’ve been neglecting. This is obviously not the smartest way to approach the problem. Continue reading »