... ... Race Reports - 2/3 - Mile27
Nov 262012

Photo - Hoka One One Australia Facebook Page Running 100 miles (actually 108 in this case) is never easy no matter how well prepared you are. In this case I knew I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to be. Sometimes there are more important things in life than running and the last 3 months has been one of those times. Whilst I did consider dropping out before the race had even begun I decided to test my powers of mental strength and see if it could make up for lack of training and get me to the finish. I wouldn’t be chasing any podium spots despite what some people were predicting (I may have the ability but I certainly didn’t have any recent form – in the last two years I have done zero races and had 7 months of no running at all), I would be happy just to finish.

I love ultrarunning, I love the camaraderie, being out in nature at all different times of day and night, pushing my body to it limits and beyond, the mind games and I love the sense of satisfaction and achievement crossing the finish line. So my goals for GNW100 were two things – finish and enjoy as much of it as possible. Continue reading »

Oct 072010

Saturday approx 3am Guisborough Woods, 49 miles covered, race time approx 10 hours

The darkness envelopes me as I run silently through the forest, only the beam from my headtorch illuminating the trail. It is cold but not uncomfortably so, five layers of clothing, two beanies and a pair of gloves are doing their job insulating me from the chilly temperature. The forest shelters me from the gale force winds that battered me over the moors and it is a welcome relief. As the clouds part , the moon shines and lights up the path ahead of me and at this moment I can think of no other place I’d rather be. Continue reading »

Jul 172009

On returning from a two week holiday in Morocco I received an email confirming I had been selected for the Australian team for the World Trail Challenge. To be accurate I was the only member of the team and the only person who put in a nomination for the event, but I was told that my previous performance’s where of a sufficiently high standard to warrant selection. So having just turned 40 I had achieved something that for many years thought would only ever be a dream – to represent my country in my chosen sport. Continue reading »

Jun 222009

Five weeks ago I was in some of the best running from of my life. A typical training week was a 2 hour run Tuesday including an hour of sprinting up and down hills, Wednesday a marathon in under 3 hours, Friday 45-60km hilly run and Saturday 30km in just over 2 hours. My legs although tired weren’t sore at all from all this mileage and I felt great. Unfortunately that was five weeks ago and the race was yesterday. Continue reading »