... ... Mental Training - 2/2 - Mile27
Oct 042013

It’s a question I often get asked so I thought I’d give you a peek inside my brain to see what was going on when I ran the 56km Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon recently. Some would argue not much but you might be surprised!

For those that haven’t heard about YUM (as the locals call it) it’s a fantastic, short (56km) ultra in the Adelaide hills – a great mixture of single track, fire trail, very little road, approx 2000+m of ascent and descent and with some of the most enthusiastic volunteers anywhere who have a preference for dressing up in fancy dress!

I was using it as a bit of a test to see where my training was at for the upcoming Great North Walk 100 miler in November. 56km is the shortest race I have run since a marathon in 2005 but the chance to combine a well regarded ultra with a trip to see family was too good to refuse.

I can’t vouch that all ultra runners think like I do but here’s my recollection of my thoughts throughout the race. Continue reading »

Jul 182012

Mental strength is a term bandied about by many runners. It is essential part of performing to the best of your ability but what is it and how can you improve it?

Whilst it is hard to define and many people will have a differing ideas, my definition is that mental strength is the ability to control your mind no matter how your body feels. It’s the ability to stay focussed on the now and not dwell on the what if’s.

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