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Athlete Results


Grand Raid Renunion October 23 Renunion Island
Chad Lasater U.A.E (United States) 40:22 120th
Ned Kelly Chase 100 and 50km October 25 Australia
Muriel McClean Australia 50k – 4:50 1st Female
Nicky Rose Australia 100k – 14:40 10th Female
Hume Hovell 100 and 50km October 18 Australia
Dave Graham Australia 100k 10.45 1st Overall
Bry McConnell Australia 50k 5.23 3rd Female
Jen Willis Australia 50k 7.49
Great Ocean Walk 100km October 18th Italy
Anja Ahale Australia 17.23 54th Overall
Winter Race 100miles October 18th England
Veronique Bourbeau U.A.E (Canadian) 25.03 52nd Overall
Amalfi Coast Crossing 70km September 27 Italy
Finn O’Mara Ireland 16.50 41st Overall
Great North Walk 100 miles September 13th Australia
Dave Graham Australia 23.46 2nd Overall
Sonia McDermott Australia 25.39 1st Female
Spud Murphy Australia 25.45 8th Overall
Damon Roberts Australia 34.33 42nd Overall
Adam Connor Australia 34.57 49th Overall
David Brown Australia 35.37 54th Overall
Surf Coast Century September 13th Australia
Jodie Oborne Australia 10.20 3rd Female
Adrian Garnett Australia 11.11
David Carman Australia 11.43
Matt Veenstra Australia 13.34
Rose Byass Australia 17.13
Glasshouse 100’s September 13th Australia
Sarah Emr Australia 26.31 5th Female
Frik Dreyer Singapore (Australian) 23.43 27th Overall
Tor de Geants September 7th-14th Italy
Gretel Fortmann Australia 117.04 8th Female
Great Barrow Challenge – 4 Marathons in 4 days September 4th England
Karen Summerville England Finsher (Times not available)
Ultra Trail du Mt Blanc (UTMB and CCC) September 13th France
Elisabet Margeirsdottir Iceland UTMB 34.09 12th Female
Scotty Hawker Australia UTMB 27.53 64th Overall
Siggi Keirnan Iceland UTMB 34.07 246th Overall
Tony Williams Australia UTMB 43.59 1180th Overall
Tanya Carroll Australia UTMB 45.11 1427th Overall
Matt Sherlock Australia CCC 19.34 339th Overall
John Kaleski Australia CCC 19.34 338th Overall
Paviter Singh Singapore CCC 22.13 643rd Overall
Haliburton 50miles Sep 6th Canada
Andrew Rae Canada 11.54 25th Overall
North Downs Way 100 miles Aug 9th England
Stephen Mitchell UK 21.39 11th Overall
Mt Blanc World Skyrunning Championships June 27th France
Ben Duffus Australia 10.52 3rd Overall
Caine Warburton Australia 11.31 9th Overall
Spud Murphy Australia 17.19 149th Overall
Collette Potter Australia 21.46 413th Overall
Marathon De Sable April 2014 Morocco
Christian Madsen Denmark 34.52 147th Overall
Margaret Kempff Australia 57.28 737th Overall
Raid Sahara 250km 7 Day Stage race February 2014 Jordon
Sandy Suckling Australia 31.29 1st Female